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Coaching for women who feel trapped in traditional success and want to live on their own terms.

Andrea Burke, Coach for Perfectionist, Successful Women

I support women who have checked off all the right boxes, but are not fulfilled with the results, despite how good life looks on the outside. Together we create your life the way you want it to be.



"Andrea's coaching changed my life in ways I did not believe were possible.  I was poised to leave a very good job due to personality conflicts and feeling a lack of respect and self-worth.  I saw the situation as black and white - either I stay and suffer or leave.  Andrea opened my eyes to a world of possibilities I just could not see.  I am now thriving in the role I almost left.  Andrea also helped me work through feelings of anxiety and distress in my marriage and relationship with my children.  Interactions with my family members that I once avoided I now embrace with confidence.  I am undoubtedly a more confident and empowered person than ever before, and there is no way I would have found this path forward on my own.  Thank you Andrea!"

-Jane P.- Attorney

"Somehow, one day, I found myself utterly unfulfilled with my career, and parts of my life.  When I saw a post about Andrea's Coaching opportunity, I knew I had to learn more. When we first met to discuss coaching, she could tell I had more in me to give and that I wasn't living my best life.  What I love about working with Andrea is that she doesn't have time for BS and she won't waste your time telling you what you want to hear.  She is an honest coach, that holds you accountable for the life you've made and challenges you to understand why you may not be living your best life. She then helps you identify ways that you can untangle and tackle your barriers to happiness.   After working with Andrea, I am more aware of my behavior and I'm more confident in my career and feeling energized about my home and personal goals.  Andrea helped me find myself again and believe that I can make my life the best that it can be.  I highly recommend working with Andrea, she's the best!"

-Maria J. -Promotions Director

"I’ve been working with Andrea for well over 6 months, and the journey has been incredible. She is positive, supportive, and is an inspiring coach.  Our conversations are sometimes challenging for me, but I know that Andrea is there to support me and my desires.  She keeps me focused on my goals, and encourages me to be a better version of myself.  The beauty of coaching with Andrea is that it has taken me to my own personal edge, and I am now trying to move beyond.  Andrea understands this and has supported me through some scary moments in order to breakthrough what holds me back. I feel like she is committed to working with me for the long haul so that I can become the woman I am meant to be.  I’m truly grateful that I took the leap and made a commitment to myself by working with Andrea."

-Heather M. - Anesthesiologist 

"I did not take the decision to work with a coach lightly. What habits and behaviors would I have to address? What fears would I have to face? It felt like an overwhelming step to take. The work is deep and difficult at times, but I would not trade this journey. I am so grateful that I am on it with Andrea as my guide. She is supportive, kind, and introspective. She challenges me to address the roots of issues and decisions in front of me. This candor, always delivered with so much respect, drives me to examine how my thoughts and actions are shaping my future. I am back in the driver’s seat of my wellness and career, and so excited to continue building the life I want. Andrea has been by my side every step. She is a skilled coach who has found her true passion and wants to empower other strong women to do so. I would recommend her style and substance to anyone. " 

-Kristen B. - Marketing Manager

"Andrea is truly one of a kind, and I can't help but feel like fate brought her into my life.  It took me a while (30 years) to realize that I was fulfilling everyone else's hopes and dreams for me, except my own.  One day I woke up and realized I had accomplished everything I had planned in life, but something still felt like it was missing.  I had somehow lost myself in all of it; I was living each day on autopilot without really enjoying my life.  It wasn't until I started working with her that I really dove in, and subsequently started to notice huge changes in my life.  Working with Andrea helped me address the root of my issues; all those demons I had buried deep down and were subsequently holding me back.  Andrea is kind, patient, and compassionate.  It takes a very special person to help you come face to face with your demons, and overcome a lifetime of internal barriers.  On the other hand, she is not afraid to call me on my bullshit and bring me back down to reality when I need it.  Over the last 6 months, she has helped me make changes that I haven't been able to make in years.  What started off as me wanting to advance my career has turned into finding and accepting myself.  She has helped me realize that I do not need to follow a predetermined path, but can make my own trail along the way.  Most importantly, she has helped me realize that I am the creator and definer of my own success and happiness.  I look forward to continuing to evolve with her, and explore the infinite possibilities life has in store for me. "

-Jennifer F. - Physician Assistant

"Before coaching with Andrea, I KNEW she would be amazing, but I wasn’t sure I could really open up and vulnerably share the stickiest, most challenging parts of my inner life. I’ve always kept those pieces and conversations more to myself, and of course, those were the areas that were holding me back.

The thing is, Andrea’s been through it. She’s been through so much of the grist of life, that she has this ability to really connect, listen and hold an open, non-judgmental space for anything I could toss her way. In the first few sessions, we cleared energy from at least 20 years back. With her skillful coaching and by removing lots of internal blocks, I was able to set goals, take action and create a solid momentum on a passion project that had previously been collecting dust for …a while.  I feel lighter. I’m so excited to be taking action again and really making progress on these big goals that mean SO much to me. I’m really looking forward to seeing this all unfold!"

-Suzanne R. - Health Coach

"When you talk to Andrea, you feel like she really hears you. There is no judgment, absolutely none. Just an unparalleled ability to be exactly what you need -- a truly supportive guide through life. On multiple occasions, Andrea has helped me to take the steps I needed to take (literally and figuratively). And with  her support,  any struggle I faced seemed to lessen, and any crossroad I was at became less daunting. I am blessed to have Andrea in my life. "

- Stephanie B. - Director of Global Innovation​

"I was fortunate enough to have a few coaching sessions with Andrea, and immediately saw the impacts she had through her coaching. Andrea has an innate ability to ask poignant questions that elicit truthful and insightful responses that I had not even thought about in myself. Additionally, I found that Andrea has an amazing ability to listen, comprehend and immediately provide an understanding and feedback on what I was telling her. Sometimes, it takes someone else to hear what you’re saying and provide a framework or underlying cause for your feelings. Andrea is so talented in doing just that; in fact, she had a refreshing take on things that I had never thought about before having my coaching sessions with her. Andrea definitely identifies things and calls you out, in a kind, relatable and motivating way that a sports coach or teacher would do to their student. She gives excellent challenges and “homework” that made me change up my routine or thinking in a way I probably would not have done without her encouragement. What was great about Andrea was that she does not judge; she listens, asks questions, frames issues and gives insightful recommendations in a way that is inspiring and motivating.

I recommend Andrea’s coaching to anyone who feels that they need a refinement in their leadership and career, because she uses the talent you have and pushes you to be even better. In fact, her business in and of itself is a great example of her leadership and motivation to have professional females excel in and out of the career world. It takes a special woman to dedicate herself to coaching other strong women, and Andrea truly dedicates herself to that endeavor. I have taken her coaching recommendations and immediately implemented them into my personal and professional life with great success. I have confidence that all of her coaching clients would echo that feedback as well!"

-Kelli C.  -Attorney

"Andrea’s support and coaching helped me uncover some really important elements of my life that didn’t feel connected before. This was my first experience with coaching, but she didn’t make it seem like an enormous undertaking that would take years. We talked through a lot of “big things” and she gave me tools and to help me chip away at them that didn’t feel overwhelming or unattainable. I started seeing changes in myself and my relationships right away. She gave me the opportunity to be real with myself. I found her style to be friendly yet professional, and scheduling was a breeze. I definitely recommend Truest You Coaching. Great job, Andrea and THANK YOU!!! "

-Corinne W. - Digital Marketing Strategy Manager

"I highly recommend Andrea as a life coach, and she has helped me tremendously.  I have always been in “control” and had it all figured out…until a couple of life changes suddenly threw me off track.  As others have said, Andrea really listens to you – she not only hears what you say but also how you say it!  Undeniably, Andrea is wise beyond her years, and coupled with her training, she comfortably guides you through an open discussion that takes you down a road of self discovery.  Andrea is uniquely qualified to help you find the solutions and empowerment you seek.  I am so grateful for all her help thus far and genuinely look forward to continuing to work with her."

-Susan P. - Executive Assistant