• Andrea Burke

So You're Good, but What About Great?

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

Professional athletes all believe in the power of a good coach taking their already strong skill set from good to great. You should expect nothing different.

Yesterday my friend asked, what exactly do you do as a life coach? Well, I work with high functioning people, who are over-achievers, and want more for their lives. They do not want to settle for the good life, they want the great life. … So why would high functioning people, who already have a good life, need a coach to get a great life? Great question. Since the NBA playoffs are on I said: Why does any professional athlete have a coach? They are already skilled and playing at the professional level and yet many athletes say they have great coaches who help them to go even further. … Coaches help you to see what you cannot see yourself. They help you take your abilities to the next level by helping you to modifying your skills. Coaches believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself. They can see the season as a whole, not just the period or game you are currently in. … Similar to professional athletes and their coaches, I help my clients to see the possibilities, the gifts, the way they are playing their game, in a different light. My clients are people who have great success already in their lives. They are smart, driven, passionate people who know how to get shit done. They don’t need help with the basics. … So, you’ve made out pretty well so far in life without too much struggle. But what does your championship game look like? What is your ultimate dream? What have you always wanted but never said out loud because you didn’t think it was possible, or didn’t feel like you should have? What if you are only playing at 85% of your capabilities? … Imagine if I helped you to go from 85% of your ability to anything greater than that- say 95% or even 100%. How would your life be different? What else could you achieve? Let’s find out together. Sometimes just the slightest shift of perspective can make a world of a difference for high performing people. ... Why settle for good when you were destined for great?

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