• Andrea Burke

Filters of Life

Everyone views the world differently. Your perspective is unique to you and ever evolving.

Perspective is everything. … We all view life through our own filters. All of our past experiences have built up over time and influence the way we view the world today. We have a default lens on life. Your default lens is based on what has worked for you thus far. … But what if you could choose to see things differently? Especially when you are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, upset or annoyed. What if you could expand your ability beyond one default lens and select the way you want to perceive things? … The world does not have to be black and white, it can be shades of vibrant colors. Things do not have to be the way they have always been, you can choose to look at things differently. … For example, what if instead of viewing your job as something that sucks away your energy you can view it as an opportunity to set boundaries? What if instead of rushing through checking things off your list and hurrying through life, you could slow down and reflect on all you have accomplished? What if instead of becoming defensive when given feedback you could be appreciative of having someone take the time to help you grow? … The beautiful thing is that you get to decide how you want to view life. You get to choose your filter. If the one you are using is not working for you anymore, change it! … This is one of my favorite parts of coaching. Helping people to see the world differently and choose how they want to view life moving forward. Sometimes you need a little help finding a new lens. (If only it could be as easy as picking an Instagram filter!) Sometimes all it takes to make a shift towards the life you want, is a new perspective. …

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