• Andrea Burke

Your Trains of Thought are a Choice

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

They call it a train for a reason, but we often forget we get to choose if we go for the ride.

Have you heard the phrase “Train of thought?” It’s when you follow one thought and allow your mind to think about what could happen next. Often times your train of thought can result in ideas bouncing around in your head, with no real impact. But other times you get an idea or thought and your mind begins to spiral, often in a negative direction. All of a sudden one thought has turned into a well thought out script of how terrible, horrible and miserable something is going to be. … Sound familiar? … Usually we don’t even realize that we jumped on the train. We choose to fixate on a thought and then allow ourselves to come up with options of where it could go. For example, you wake up late in the morning because you forgot to set your alarm. So you rush out of bed and scramble, your boss is going to think you’re a slacker, he/she is going to be annoyed with you all day, give you more work when you are already behind, you’re going to have to cancel your lunch plans, stay late and not get to cook the dinner you have been wanting all week. … HELLO TRAIN! You haven’t even showered and your whole day is ruined. … Where in your life do you jump on the Train of Thought and create a mess just based on ONE SINGLE thought that passes through your head? … Now, envision the same morning where you wake up late, but instead of planning the wreckage of your day you just acknowledge that you are running a little behind and make sure your alarm is set for tomorrow? Let the thought go and never jump on it. … We all have the ability to choose what we think about, what we fixate on and how those thoughts can impact our day. So, what if you chose differently? … What if you never jumped on the train? …

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