• Andrea Burke

One Ripple is All it Takes

An even more beautiful life is just one decision away.

One decision can have a beautiful ripple effect on your life. ..:::.. I think most people believe it needs to be this massive decision that then starts the ripple, like quitting your job, going to school again or starting a family but I see it differently. ..:::.. I actually believe the ripple starts with a shift in your mindset. A shift in your belief of either wanting, or believing, you can make positive changes in your life. ..:::.. I believe the first “plunk” of the stone, which leads to the ripples, is your belief that you are worthy of change. ..:::.. I also believe it can begin with you deciding you can make changes and have the ability to influence what happens in your life. ..:::.. It is a shift that no one else will see, no one else needs to understand, but can have beautiful, massive ripples in your life if you keep believing. ..:::.. I believe to create a life you love starts with believing in yourself. ..:::.. Once you do that you can welcome the ripples.

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