• Andrea Burke

Playing Small to Help Others Feel Better

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

How often do you alter yourself to make other people more comfortable? What is that costing you?

Where in your life do you get small so that the people around you are more comfortable? And what are you sacrificing by doing so?

I have been noticing that I will minimize my "story" or "who I am" when I am in the presence of people who clearly are uncomfortable with what makes me different from them. This made me wonder who else this happens to, and if I have ever made someone feel this way?

Reflecting on this now, I am realizing I do not want to get small or minimize who I am, or what is important to me just because it makes someone else uneasy. Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to piss people off deliberately, but I am proud of who I am and I will not become smaller just because that makes you feel uncomfortable.

It is definitely connected to the people-pleaser in me. I always care more about how the people around me feel than how they make me feel. I will deal with being annoyed or uncomfortable just to make the situation better- but why!? I am then compromising who I am. I am not showing up as my truest self!

If I am not showing up as my truest self then how will people ever know the real me? How will I ever get to shine? #truestyou #beyourself #dontgetsmall #standyourground#authenticity #liveyourbestlife #liveauthentic #trueself

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