• Andrea Burke

Recovering Perfectionist

Perfectly imperfect. That is what I am going for lately.


As a recovering perfectionist, I found it to be really hard to let go of control and be comfortable with good enough. These phrases were not part of my DNA growing up.


If it wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t right. Do it right or do not do it at all.


WOW that is a lot of pressure. No wonder why I felt overwhelmed when things went off track. My expectations were sky high. There was no room for error.


My expectations WERE sky high. Now, do not get me wrong, they are still high, but I am not striving for perfection any longer. I see the benefit of roughly right, good enough, and letting go.


By reevaluating my expectations of myself I have been able to release the need for perfection and breathe a little more easily.


In the past this photo would have hit the cutting room floor. Now it is perfectly imperfect, and 100% me.


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Andrea Burke​​


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