• Andrea Burke

Release & Receive

Let go of the thoughts you keep replaying in your head as you wait for something you want. The spiral that keeps growing with every passing hour. The story you are building upon that says you are not good enough, it will never happen, he/she thinks I am crazy or any other negative narrative you are constructing currently. .. Release the negativity. Release the pressure you are putting on the impeding result. Release the need you feel. Release the story you are connecting to the outcome and how it will impact you. Release and just be. … Fully surrender. And then receive. …. Once you fully surrender and detach from the outcome, you will be able to receive whatever is waiting for you on the other side. And the universe will surprise you. ….. Don’t believe me? Give it a try. I am still surprised by this EVERY TIME. I just witnessed it happen right before my eyes yesterday, and on Monday for myself. And it is always equally beautiful. …… R E L E A S E & R E C E I V E

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