• Andrea Burke

Remember Who You Are

We can easily forget who we really are. Find the people or places that remind you of that, often.

Today I have a call to see if I will become a member of a group I really enjoy. I realized this call is so important to me because when I am with this community I am able to be fully myself. They see me for who I am and encourage me to shine as authentically as possible, and then to shine even brighter. … When I was reflecting on this insight I noticed that this feeling of being 100% myself is really new for me. I have not felt like I ever belonged to a community where I could show all of my facets, all of the time. There was always a part of me that was edited. … It is exhausting to always be editing a part of myself. The truth is I tend to show up as I think other people want me to be or need me to be. Rarely do I show up the way I want to be seen. Until recently. … I feel as if I have forgotten who I am, or maybe she was just so covered up and edited that I never really knew. But now I know and I really do not want to edit myself any longer. I am me, in all my radiance, and I am excited to continue to shine as my truest self. And hopefully this afternoon I will have an even larger community of authentic people to surround myself with.

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