• Andrea Burke

Do You Have Emotional Scar Tissue?

Updated: Jun 24, 2018

Physical injury is not the only way we build up scar tissue in our body, however the process to remove it, physically or emotionally, is not all that different.

Physical Therapy has taught me so much recently. Not just about my recovering ACL though. … You see, right now I am struggling to regain my range of motion. My right knee (injured) is unable to bend and flex to the same degree as my left knee (healthy). On Monday my therapist really pushed me and was helping me to do stretches that would ultimately help me regain my motion. … The stretches essentially entailed Jen (my PT) pushing on my shin to have it fold back down and meet my healthy knee. She told me to visualize my right knee bending in to kick my butt. In my mind, with my eyes tightly winced closed, and grunting to pull my leg in, I could see my ankle just inches away from my goal. Despite the pain, grunting, pushing and literally sweating through my shirt, I was no where close. … I asked Jen why I was so far off. It turns out that I have built up a lot of scar tissue from surgery and we need to work on literally breaking it up so I can regain motion. Ouch. … As I lay at home and work on my exercises this made me realize how applicable this is to life as well. After we experience an incident that hurt us (fight, break up, trauma, loss of job, feel like your failing, etc.) we build up scar tissue. It is our way of healing after being hurt. … Scar tissue in “real life” is not all that different from scar tissue after surgery. In order to grow, move past it, release yourself from the pain that comes with it, you need to break through the scar tissue. The trouble is that most of us continue to build up the emotional scar tissue, and just keep piling it on because it is easier that way. Let me tell you- breaking up scar tissue hurts! … But the truth is that if we really want to grow and be at our best, physically or emotionally, we need to do the hard work. Easier said than done. It requires being self-aware, wanting to go deep and do the work. It means we need to face the pain and acknowledge that growth comes when we confront our fears and grow past them. … Where in your life have you built up scar tissue? Imagine what freedom, and range of motion, could be on the other side. …

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