• Andrea Burke

To My Fellow Torpedos

I tend to shoot off like a rocket ship when I start something new and exciting. I dive right in and get a lot done really quickly. Everything is exciting and fun. Until I complete all the fun tasks and then the actual, non-sexy work is left.

Ugh. Then I pause. I drag my feet. Look for other bright and shiny objects that I can focus my attention on. Post blast off I fizzle out. Hard.

Similar to a rocket ship going into space, the end goal seems so far away. It is going to take a while, more work, actually lots of work, with probably no obvious return on my time for quite a bit. It is the distance post take off and before I “land” that is the hardest for me.

So, what do I do? I remind myself that even though I believe in magic and the universe helping to show us the way, I also know that my dreams do not come true unless I work towards them every day. And, I am NOT a quitter so giving up is really not an option for me.

The book “The Compound Effect” was really helpful for me as I have been working towards building my business. Many small steps, taken every day, really do add up. And you do not see results immediately, it takes time. Knowing this is comforting to me.

For all my fellow torpedo friends who shoot off and fizzle out, don’t loose sight of the end game. Keep moving towards your goals. Often times I get a second win somewhere in between. One thing is for sure though, giving up is not an option.

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