• Andrea Burke

Unapologetic in Wanting More

I stopped wanting more for myself recently because I was afraid I would not be able to achieve what it is I really want. And what I really want is more. I kept telling myself that I have enough. There are things I would dream of and quickly dismiss because they seemed impossible and too good to be true {for me}.

It was as if there was a rule in life that you can only get so much of what you really want and once that is fulfilled you get no more wishes. {I’d hit the cap of what a good life can look like}

When I had this realization, I had to out myself. How can I stop dreaming or wanting? There is so much more I want to achieve and create in my life. I know I am nowhere near done.

I do believe you can have everything you want in life and then some. I am unapologetic about that. Yes, I have a good life, and YES I want more. There I said it. I do not want to feel badly, or make myself smaller, because I am afraid of how I will be perceived by others. {Or how my working towards more might make others feel}

I am unapologetic about what I want, what I have created, and what I will continue to create in my life. I also believe everyone has this ability and can lean into it too. I have a funny feeling I am not alone in feeling this way. Who’s with me? What are you holding back?


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