• Andrea Burke

Where are you waiting for permission?

This was the first quote that popped up this morning, while searching Pinterest for my morning inspiration, and seemed so perfectly fitting.

Yesterday I realized that I have been waiting for permission my whole life. I’ve always looked for permission from others to make big changes, take a job, lean in, take a risk, make a big purchase, show up, play big, even have fun. Up until yesterday I was even looking for permission to feel some deep-rooted emotions that I kept shoving down. And I might still be looking for permission to continue my transformation into this newer, happier, lighter woman. (More to come on that)

When I read this quote I thought “Oh wow I needed to hear this today.” I am giving MYSELF permission to shed who I used to be, to start over, and to bloom into my best self. It is OK to uproot, let go of who you were and shift into something new. I am giving myself this permission to feel, be, shine and grow.

Are you waiting for permission too?

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